Ginny knew Slartibartfast wouldn't let him kiss her again.

Is that all Donne told you?

I would never be your husband.

Wendy should've let me talk to him.


Sue waited alone in the hallway.


Don't try to sweet talk me.

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He has much practical experience as a doctor.


Sorry, something went wrong.

The People's party, to put it briefly, needed to leave the government before the government fell.

Be quiet while I'm speaking.

They're experimenting with a new car.

Suicide is a desperate act.

That road is still under construction.

Win instantly recognized Jackye's voice.

They're able to sing.

Air pollution prevents some plants from growing well.


She'll pass the exam for sure.

You've been warned more than once.

At last, the day has arrived for us to act.


I'm supporting France in the World Cup.


The bar is open until six in the morning.

That happens a lot, doesn't it?

There are some performances that leave one breathless.

Milner showers every morning.

Why would he want to go there?

Any child can do that.

I waited for the curtain to rise with my heart beating in excitement.


I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; you have been very pleasant to me. Your love to me was wonderful, surpassing the love of a woman.

We believed them.

Will you manage to repair my car?

A certain crime is punishable if attempted but not punishable if committed. What is it

My grandfather founded and my parents developed this company.


Christ is believed to have worked many miracles.

Well, ask!

Could you initial here?

In English there is a choice between closed and open punctuation; in the former, the writer uses all punctuation that can legitimately be used, whereas in the latter the writer leaves out all punctuation that can be left out without creating ambiguity.

Pardon me one second.

The sentry demanded the password from everyone.

How do we upload photos to your website?

How many more classes do you have today?

Sundar didn't want me to touch him.


The police will keep an eye on the man they think is the criminal.

"I gave them the job." "Why them and not us?"

A lot of friends came to wave goodbye to me.


He would laugh.

Amir's mother said he'd ruin his eyes if he sat too close to the TV.

She never lies.

What does this mean for Australia?

The previous tenant took care of the apartment.


It's a boring word.

The telephone call lasted six hours.

I'll try again, thank you.


I have asked him.

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Kurt wouldn't even speak to me.

I'm not sure what my children want for Christmas.

The university offers access to its campus libraries only to those members of the public with a legitimate research need to consult our collections.


Vice has a very vivid imagination.

I want the person who did this brought to justice.

I didn't know you were here.

Examinations interfere with the real purpose of education.

"Just now, you were looking. You Peeping Manjeri,"she said angrily.


Did Eileen tell you to do that?

There's only one difficulty.

I forgot my wallet.

Lewis is new.

The airliner slammed into the ground.

Juan will follow.

Rice grows in warm countries.

He wore red pants.

Does Carsten already have a job?


Klaudia usually sleeps for eight hours.


I don't like your name.

Those books are theirs.

You don't have to do it.

Opportunity waits for no one.

I'll meet you there as soon as possible.

We saw a lake far below.

Alastair won't survive three years in prison.

I might have to go home early today.

I can't accept this

What language do you speak there?

I thought you had all the answers.

Do you by any chance like opera?

I want to see how it ends.


The hunter shot at the bird.

What did you just call me?

The garden was grown over with weeds.

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The job would be difficult.

Kathleen isn't timid.

He was rather careless to say the least.

Do you live in the city?

I was never very nice to you, was I?

You need a cab, don't you?


I can't go in there.

You all know what you have to do.

My father was sad for the whole day as he had lost his wallet.

Do I have to bring my son to your office, Doctor?


When he saw me naked, he burst out laughing.

I didn't know you still had friends at the IRS.

This time my goal is London.

Karl is a good-looking young man.

Root seems a little embarrassed.

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I was horrified by what she had said.

Do you want to tell the jury what happened?

The policeman fined him.

She spends her evenings in front of her laptop.

Rudy knew what he wanted.

I can't wait for them.

Graham is very progressive, isn't he?

You didn't tell him anything?

Olson doesn't understand Dominick.

What are you going as?

Sometimes, you think too much.


I have absolutely no regrets.

Am I making myself clear?

Kylo wondered if what Moe said was true.

Who's Judith? Is he your new boyfriend?

Bernard and I know each other.


I can remember the warmth of his hands.

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We credit Peary with having discovered the North Pole.

I believe in rising early.

Don't leave the doors open.

She forced him to sit down.

You've tried.

Which team will most likely win?

They were very respectful.

It worked for them.

What kind of questions do you plan to ask?


The Nikkei index jumped dramatically just before closing.

The whole mountain turns red in autumn.

Pal, you're a pussy.

That's the ugliest hat I've ever seen.

That better not be him.


Kathy wanted to keep working.

I hope he hasn't had an accident.

What'll you get Louise for Christmas?

Water was coming out of the damaged pipe.

I don't want to let him get the best of me!

Can we trust Neil?

It is a five-minute walk to the library.

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Kristian was extremely popular with all the girls.

This is a Hebrew word and it means "friend".

I'm little worried about her.


Do you consider yourself to be a lucky person?

I never thought I'd see Kerry alive again.

The day was bright, nor were there clouds above.

Little did I dream that I would see you here.

Jean did it carefully.


It is much safer to be feared than loved.


She is perfect in every respect.

We should've bought another bottle of wine.

Oh, the rice stalk is sticking up in the tea. Something good might happen.


I'd appreciate an answer ASAP.

Claire can't be right.

I would like to change money.


Graham was selected.

Don't be a couch potato.

Take as many as you want.


I like studying English.

I want to remember that.

Sometimes too much to drink is barely enough.

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I don't think it's anything we need to worry about.

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The rising temperature and changing chemistry of ocean water combine with other stresses, such as overfishing and coastal and marine pollution, to alter marine-based food production and harm fishing communities.